André Leon Talley’s new film, The Gospel According to André, explores Talley’s years as Vogue’s editor-in-large and his influence on the world of fashion.

The film received rave reviews during the screening at the Tribeca Film Festival and the film features other big names in fashion. Condé Nast Artistic Director Anna Wintour and other fashion influencers were interviewed for the film, showing the character of Talley.

The film features footage from Talley’s early days at Vogue through self-narrated runway show scenes, while touching on his roots and learning about his upbringing. He grew up living with his grandmother in Durham, North Carolina and went to Brown University earning his degree in French literature with plans to be a teacher.

He started working at Andy Warhol’s Factory in 1974 and started writing for Warhol’s magazine, Interview. Talley also volunteered for Diana Vreeland at the Metropolitan Museum of Art to gain more experience. In 1980 he started working for W magazine and the New York Times newspaper.

In 1983 he started his long reign at Vogue as the Fashion News Director and started as the Creative Director in 1988. During his time as Creative Director he pushed top designers to use more African American models and gave the industry a new diversity standard.

Moving to Paris in 1995 to work for W magazine, while serving as editor-in-large at Vogue. He decided to return to Vogue in 1998 as the editor-in-large until 2013 to pursue his own venture. Talley also makes regular appearances on the modeling TV show, America’s Next Top Model, as a judge and fashion inspiration.

The film also reveals struggles on being a gay African-American man through his career background, including his brief employment at Numéro Russia. Talley left the position after learning about the anti-LGBT laws. He also reflects on being harassed by an employee for Saint Laurent calling him “Queen Kong,” and the shame he feels for never telling the employee to stop saying it.

His presence in the fashion industry broke traditional race and gender norms, creating a more diverse fashion industry. The new film explores Talley’s rise in the fashion industry and is a director’s commentary through his own life.