(Photo Source: bigbottombehavior.com)

This brand’s goal is to have everyone fit in

Size inclusivity in fashion is all the rage lately. And for a good reason. Everyone has the right to feel good about themselves and love their own bodies without having to feel bad for who they are and what size clothing they wear. Havala Hidalgo, owner and creator of Big Bottom Behavior, is throwing a huge bash to do just that.

Big Bottom Behavior is a line of athletic wear designed and created by Havala Hidalgo. What sets Big Bottom Behavior apart from all other athletic clothing lines, is that BBB is a size-inclusive brand that provides sexy and cool styling to athletic clothing for otherwise marginalized bodies. The concept is simple: provide clothing that bigger girls can feel sexy and confident in.

Along the same lines, Havala Hidalgo created the annual Big Bottom Bash after scrolling through social media and only seeing skinny or fit women at parties and having everyone else solely in the background. Instead, Havala created a celebration just for bigger women. This plus-size inclusive party creates confidence and makes everyone feel good about themselves all while having what looks like a damn good time.