Editor-in-chief of Vogue, Anna Wintour, is definitely someone to take advice from when it comes to fashion. She dishes on her favorite designs from the runways at Milan Fashion Week for Spring 2019.

Wintour described the season as fantastic, with lots of color, escapism inspiration, and amazing ideas. A lot of people are focused on big names like Prada and Gucci, but Anna says this year was like a reset button was pushed… and smaller designers such as Missoni and Etro, which offered Wintour some of her favorite looks.

The mood of the moment this year seems to be a rejection of urban life, street life, but putting more caring in where someone is physically and crafty items that are more so personalized. This year Wintour described a lot of pieces as being emotional and unique for people instead of just the norm.

One of the Vogue editors described Milan fashion week as casual, which really did sum up the style of most collections featured. All of the collections were described as happy and joyful, and definitely wearable.

One of her favorite collections was from Etro, which included two of the worlds biggest surfers walking in the show that added a fun, playful feel to the collection. She also liked Prada’s collection this year because it was a big mix of conservative and free clothing. It was also colorful and young, giving the pieces more life. She loved the political division that was shown through some of the lines including designers like Ferragamo and Burberry, embracing the working woman and refined clothing.

She also loved the celebration of diversity that was shown in shows like Armani and Dolce & Gabbana, portraying body-positive morals with so many amazing color combos. She loved the amazing color palettes from Giorgio Armani’s show that reminds her of the sea with refined, elegant styles for women. Wintour was also amazed by Versace’s collection, describing it as gypsy chic.

Milan fashion week was definitely one for history with its extraordinary colors and messages that are sure to be trending through 2019.