Wearing Heels Can Negatively Impact Your Health

For as long as anyone can remember, women have worn heels. Whether for work, to dress up, or simply because they enjoy the look of an elongated leg, heels are a staple part of women’s fashion. And while they are a very popular shoe type, feeling more fashionable can often come with a hefty price.

With shoe inserts and accessories designed to keep your feet feeling healthy, you would think that by now there was a solution for a way to wear heels and keep your feet healthy and comfortable. Unfortunately, that isn’t yet the case, and shoe inserts don’t fix the problem.

The fact of the matter is that the thinner the heel, the more damage it can cause due to less stability. Whether that damage comes in the form of a fracture, damage to the joints, or as something altogether different that requires surgical intervention, the risk is far too real. Women who frequently wear heels have a good chance of damaging their feet or ankles and requiring medical help to assist in easing the pain and fixing the problem.

For more information on how women’s feet are affected by wearing heels, take a look at the video above.