Minimizing your makeup bag can be such a hassle because you want to take everything with you for those “just in case” moments. But do you really need that eye shadow palette or those 5 different lip colors in a similar shade? Unless you plan on doing everyone’s makeup at the office, you should keep it at a minimum.

See what products you’ll get the most out of in your makeup bag without feeling like you’re carrying around your vanity.

Concealer. And no, not the corrector that goes under your eyes. You should always have a concealer that perfectly matches your skin so that you can touch up during the day, especially if you wear sheer foundation.

Clear lip balm. Not only will your lips really appreciate it this, but if your skin looks a little lackluster during the day this stuff doubles as a highlighter. Use it on your cheekbones, under the eye brows, and wherever else you usually highlight. It gives you a nice dewy glow that is perfect for the cooler weather that’s upon us.

Eyelash curler. Skip adding another coat of mascara to your lashes because it’ll look extremely clumpy and will weigh them down. Instead, just curl those puppies right back up and you’re eyes will look instantly more bright and open.

Lipstick that matches your blush color. There’s nothing better than multitasking products and lipsticks are definitely one of them. Instead of carrying that powdery blush, use a lipstick that looks similar to the one you’re already wearing and dab that on your cheeks. You can thank us later.

Blotting sheets. If you have oily skin, blotting sheets are already an essential in your bag so we’re just here to reiterate that you should never leave home without them. Nothing looks worse than apply excessive amounts of powder to the point where the skin looks dehydrated. And who wants to carry powder anyway? Powder properly at home and use blotting sheets to keep unwanted shine at bay.
(Cover image: Style Bop)