Who doesn’t love jeans, especially in the fall time? Good jeans are a staple in everyone’s closet because you can wear them with so many different things! This year with fall fashion trends, denim plays a big role, and these jean trends are even easier to pull off than you could imagine! Not only is there a flattering style for every single body type, but whether you are all about the 80s or making a flashy statement, you can feel cool in your jeans this fall!

So many celebrities and supermodels have already been wearing these styles this fall, so here are the top latest jean trends that will make you wonder why you don’t live in denim. The first style that’s super in this fall are the classic skinny jeans! I mean come on… will skinny jeans ever stop being worn? Skinny jeans are perfect because they help suck everything in and leave you feeling confident. Opt for skinny jeans this fall if you want to give your legs the illusion that they are longer!

The next amazing denim trend of the season are the wide-legged jeans! Not only do they look great if you can find some with a unique wash or frayed detail, they look super chic with some heels! Speaking of wide legged… flared jeans are everything is fall. The classic look looks great with any flavored sweater or cardigan too. If you want to seriously add flare to your outfit this fall, go with flare jeans!

Finally, the baggy jeans. Fall is all about being relaxed, and nothing looks relaxed more than over-sized denim and a big sweater. Denim definitely Has to be one of the best trends for fall!