Reputable Fashion Designer, Betsey Johnson recalls all her favorite red carpets moments. She opened the show with her signature moves by removing a brown cowboy hat from her fringe blonde yellow-tipped hair.

The roll started with a picture of her at the CFDA 1997 in a long flowing yellow dress with a low neckline,puffy sleeves and puffy updo claiming not to have an idea about what she is wearing except her vintage lingerie, followed by mom maxi skirt look in a flamboyant hairstyle at the COTY awards 1971 where she won the best designer of the year at the age of 29 making her the youngest recipient of the award.

Betsey began her fashion designing pursuits from the 1960s where she created an edgy and punk rock style with bright neon colors, low waistline, puffy sleeves, and low neckline. Next is a picture of her at the CFDA 1997 in plaid: tartan as a dress and well-loved platform shoes with brown hair.

A picture of her at Miss USA pageant 2013 wearing a blush dress with puffy tulle skirt, her excitement at the next picture was very evident she is a gold dress at her 2012 anniversary party with denim anklets worn with flats. The next roll is of her in a blue sequinned dress with a tiny jacket from Biba at the 2016 Fifi awards which she says pulls a rock vintage vibe.

Betsey Johnson has not lost her touch even at the old age of 76, known for her cartwheel at the end of her catwalk at her fashion shows, she draws inspiration from dance and arts. Probably in an answer to how she has been relevant through the times she tells the audience, “The excitement is to hold on to yourself.”

Check out the video above to see all of the iconic fashion statements of Betsey Johnson.