There’s a lot to be said about a girl who can be a little “matchy” but still pull-off the look; for starters, she knows how to coordinate pieces well without being too overwhelming and is ok with breaking some fashion rules. Long gone are the days when a girl couldn’t mix prints and patterns or wear a little shimmer during the day so being a little matchy is ok so long as you do it right.

Follow these simple tips next time you want to be a bit matchy but still make a statement.

Add something unexpected. Let’s say, for example, you’re wearing a white midi skirt and white crop top for a night out. It’s a bit boring on its own and monotone but if you add a pop of unexpected color, the whole feel changes. It doesn’t necessarily have to be jewelry but it could be a bright orange lip that matches with your nails or a leather jacket on top with some studs. They key here is to add something that came out of nowhere and makes a statement so your look has that “wow” factor to an otherwise matchy look.

Find something unique within the matching articles of clothing. If you’re wearing things are of the same color or the color is repeated in different pieces that you’re wearing, find separate pieces that have different textures or detailing that separates that specific piece from the other same colored piece. You could mix a silk or angora top with a cotton skirt or jeans. The possibilities are endless so pay special attention to details like these to always have a unique article of clothing in your closet.

These are a couple of our tips but if you want to see how it’s done in street style, check out Refinery29’s style assistant Rachel Besser on her look of the day.