Looking at that cute new pair of shoes? We’ve all been there…pining over that perfect pair. Maybe you’re even asking for them for Christmas…..the perfect pair of boots that pull your whole outfit together. Well, hopefully you weren’t oogling Beyoncé’s recent pair of boots, because they would run you about $10,000.

Queen B wore these $10k Saint Laurent, Swarovski studded black boots on a recent travel expedition. But, her outfit didn’t stop running up the bill with just the boots. Her shorts and Balagencia shirt that she paired the boots with came in at $500. Still a little to spend for most of us, but she pulled it off well. Bey posted the photo on Instagram, and wasn’t the first celeb to rock the boots. Kendall Jenner also wore the “Nikki” boots in a lighter color for her 22nd birthday bash.