(Photo: David M. Benett/Getty)

Stella McCartney is looking forward to the future of fashion

Stella’s definition of sustainability is a state of mind, consciousness, focusing on balance, using resources from the earth without depleting resources. McCartney focuses on thinking of sourcing materials for production to make sustainable pieces that will last a long time, preventing future waste.

McCartney expresses the urgency for sustainability through the COVID-19 pandemic, being the first time the world is connected by one issue and is bring attention to the need to change on every level in the fashion industry. She thinks we need this time to take a pause and have a conscious outcome to be more mindful of how to make the fashion industry better.

McCartney’s main point is for people to stop for a moment and look at the amount of waste produced, hoping people will take this chance to see how much we waste. She also says $100 billion of waste from fast fashion isn’t being used, with most material waste ending up in landfills or incinerated.

She wants us to look at ways to respect the natural materials from the Earth and animals, thinking the human race can do better. McCartney is excited for the future and the shift of the fashion industry that is turning to utilize more sustainable options. As of March, there was a 25% drop in carbon emissions in China.

McCartney’s brand no longer utilizes materials sourced from animals and hopes other designers and brands will consider this option in future production. McCartney says that she is cherishing this time she can spend at home with her family and watching

McCartney works so far in advanced with years to develop and source materials for their production so she has the materials needed to get started on her next collection. She hopes that other designers consider her process in sourcing materials, considering the quality over the quantity.