(Photo Credit: Fashion Sizzle)

The Beyhive is buzzing over Beyonce’s latest gala appearance

And no, I’m not talking Met Gala, I’m talking something more near and dear to the megastar’s heart.

Tina Knowles Lawson hosts an annual event to raise money for arts education and the WACO (Where Art Can Occur) Theater Center in North Hollywood, California. Hundreds of celebrities come out each year to support the star-studded event including Robin Givens, Kym Whitley, and of course, Beyonce. This year, the event raised over $2 million and showed off some stunning art-inspired fashion at the same time.

The powerful and ever-stunning Beyonce Knowles Carter was seen wearing a Lion King-themed dress to the Art Gala. Abnd the reason why should be of no surprise. Beyonce, dressed in a gold lion outfit, showed up to undoubtedly support the theme of the gala, “A Journey to the Pride Lands,” while also supporting her role in the upcoming Lion King remake hitting theaters this month. Blue Ivy also came out to support mama in a matching Lion King-inspired outfit, making it a true family affair.