Sleep is not only one of the most important things to your health but also to your skin. Little did you know; a strong night time routine could do amazing things for your skin. The most experienced skin care experts have all said the same things about these top tips for improving your skin while sleeping.

Sleep (Of Course):
When your sleeping, your skin gets the chance to revive itself. You should always try to get at least eight hours of sleep, there’s a reason sleeping beauty had amazing skin. It’s a chance for your skin to repair and restore from whenever it went through the day before.

Take Off Makeup Before Bed:
So many celebrities talk about how important this is to them. Not only does it give your skin a chance to breathe, but when you don’t take your makeup up off, all of it absorbs into your pillow building up more bacteria which gives more of a chance that you’re going to break out.

Moisturizing Every Single Night:
It’s so important to nourish your skin after a long day of being covered up. Eye and lip creams are just as important. You have to let your pores breath. Whether you have acne or just a few pimples, you should always put moisturizer on before applying your acne treatment to ensure that there’s no harm done to your skin.

Changing Bedding Regularly:
It is so important to change your bedding and pillowcases regularly because it helps to avoid that bacteria-germ buildup.

There are so many different serums that can help with whatever it is you’re lacking, it’s medicine for the skin. And remember, when you are sleeping you should always use a humidifier and make sure your air is never dried to decrease your chances of skin aging and dryness.

Retinol-Based Products Before Bed:
It will improve pigmentation, lines, and diminish wrinkles and thin out your skin’s surface and complexion.

Check out the videos above for more nighttime skincare tips and to see celebrity nightly skincare routines.