(Photo Source: fizzymag.com)

Billie’s Style Protects Her From People Judging Her Body

When Billie Eilish came into the music scene, with her baggy clothes and identity so unique we hadn’t yet seen anything like it, people were a bit skeptical. But as she grows in her newfound profession, so does her fans’ love for her.

Billie was recently in the news discussing her preference for baggy clothes, stating that wearing baggy clothes doesn’t give anyone the opportunity to judge her body. And shortly after opening up to the world about that, she discussed fashion a little further.

The 17-year-old California native recently shared that she believes fashion is her “whole identity” and the very first thing she thinks about every morning. But she went even further than that, discussing how her fashion choices deeply influence her personality.

For example, she mentioned that if she is wearing an outfit she feels uncomfortable in, she feels that she turns into “a totally different persona,” one that she “hates.” We truly appreciate Billie and her recent effects on pop culture, as well as her lack of fear in talking about subjects that truly matter.