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Well, she might just be lying and we have the proof

It isn’t uncommon for celebrities and the wealthy elite to spend copious amounts of money on things that the rest of us couldn’t even imagine. Half a million dollars on a car, $1,000 pair of jeans, and even $2,000 on a Louis Vuitton Ping Pong Set. But it’s not the fact that this celebrity purchased this item that has the internet buzzing, it’s the fact that she has never even worn them.

Shoes are expensive. They are quite often one of the most expensive accessories that is used to finalize or bring together the whole outfit. It isn’t uncommon for celebs to spend thousands of dollars on the perfect shoe for the perfect outfit. And Britney Spears is no different.

Years ago, Britney Spears bought a pair of Christian Louboutin heels for the bargain price of $6,000. The shoes were a gorgeous snakeskin platform heels. In a recent post on Instagram, Brittney Spears confessed that in the last four years, she has yet to actually wear the designer shoes! I don’t know why one wouldn’t want to wear these beautiful shoes, but admittedly, there are probably a few things in my closet that have never seen the light of day either.

Many think that she’s never worn the pair of heels but Spears carefully says that she hasn’t worn them in the last four years. In 2013 Spears was spotted actually wearing the said pair of Louboutin heels during a trip to Vegas and here’s the evidence.