Tiffany Reid, senior fashion editor from Cosmopolitan magazine, is here to debunk fall fashion faux pas and let’s just say, we are all excited we can still wear white after Labor Day. Her tip is to mix in some cream with your whites and maybe even throw in a sweater or some boots. Like a great dirty joke, it got us thinking…where did this idea originate?

• Coal heat: Back in the day, long before central heating and cooling, coal heat was the go to warmth for the long winter months. Burning coal creates a lot of residue and dust particles so your Sunday best whites would get very dirty if you whipped them out post summer.
• Wedding and resort wear only: White was considered a wedding and resort wear only style. This means guests flocking to fall and winter dinner parties would not be in their white resort wear.
• Darker attire was “city attire”: For all the millionaires out there, it used to be common knowledge that when you would return from your summer homes and vacations back to the big city, darker clothes were the staple fashion.

Reid reminds us, like all rules, this one is meant to be bent and even broken!