A trend that is especially hard to pull off is the tiny sunglasses trend. It takes a certain kind of face and most importantly confidence. Mastering the tiny sunglasses trend is harder than you may think. Celebrities that can pull it off have been loving this trend! It is something that started in the 90s, and some may say they aren’t practical.

We have a theory this trend was started by Kanye West, because back in 2010 when Kim was known for her big sunglasses… Kanye allegedly sent her an email forbidding her to wear sunglasses. They have become huge this year, and we have to admit we are loving them!

The first celebrity who looks amazing in tiny sunglasses is Kendall Jenner. She was seen wearing a pair of hexagon sunglasses while she was in New York City last year. She makes them look oh so chic! Next, Vanessa Hudgens was seen wearing a red tinted pair of shades which gave a pop of color to a black ensemble.

A mod look with this sunglasses trend looks great. Rita Ora was seen in New York City rocking this look in April! The next celebrity who can rock the sunglasses shouldn’t be a surprise. Gigi Hadid was seen wearing a silver galactic looking pair when she was in Manhattan, and she looks so great we don’t even know she was on the same planet!

Next is Lady Gaga. Though she is known for her unusual looks, she wore a diamond pink shaped pair of the shades while surprise, in the city, and they have never looked cooler.

Rihanna the queen, decided to rock a pair while on the red carpet at the 70th annual Cannes Film Festival. She wore a tiny white pair with regular frames and it was darling to say the least.

And Beyoncé, another queen, wore a silver pair which match perfectly with a shiny backpack in LA while she was out with her daughter Blue. Try out this trend for yourself, and we promise it will be out of this world!