Lifeguards on duty? The latest Chanel fashion show at Paris Fashion Week had everyone turning heads… bringing the beach indoors for one of their most iconic runway concepts.

Karl Lagerfeld is always known for his amazingly chic work, but this runway show house to top everything. Chanel by the sea sounds just as chic as it was… with a serene and relaxed feel and anyone would want to escape there.

This was a tricky runway challenge for Chanel since they wanted to feature the show on a beach but usually host their shows at the iconic Grand Palais museum in Paris. This led to the innovation idea of recreating a beach inside the Grand Palais, which proved to be a huge success since most of the photos from the fashion show have people thinking the show is at an actual beach. The illusion of being at a real beach for this runway was made possible by using the natural lighting from the glass ceiling of the Grand Palais.

The models that walked the Chanel beach show even went barefoot, carrying their shoes! The show even had a mini boardwalk and a tiki hut, and Karl strutted down the runway as well to take a well-deserved bow. All the models wore chic yet functional clothing and it’s the type of beachwear that would make you want to go on a tropical escape right away.

The collection feature some of the timeless designs that are iconic to the Chanel brand. The models that walked the shoreline runway featured more casual styles featuring iconic tweed pieces and bathing suits that are sure to turn heads this upcoming Spring and Summer seasons.

With tons of swimwear and colorful sundress looks, there are also lots of classic signature Chanel looks like suiting and tweed but in a more laid back feel! The show even featured models wearing leggings and bike shorts which is unique for Chanel, including over-sized printed sweaters elevated the models looks.

If Chanel’s beach runway show was a real destination, you would want to book your one-way ticket right now to never return!