Most of us are celebrating summer but in Paris the luxury fashion house Chanel shows off their Fall 2018 collection on the runway. Though many are looking to the next seasons styles, most could not turn their gaze from their amazing runway.

This new haute couture collection feature some new styles that stray from the standard line of Chanel garments, while drawing inspiration from the classic Parisian style from the pre-war era and how this effected the style after the end of the war. The collection offers tight silhouette to feature the shape of the body with a more structured material, the opposite of their loose style of their chiffon dresses.

The collection also changed some of the hemlines for a more clean-cut style instead of their traditional use of long, flowing hemlines. The colors of the new collection features different shades of grey and black, with the exception of the final look on the runway which was a tailored version of the standard Chanel dress suit in a light blue or green.

The runway featured for the Haute Couture Fall 2018 Collection was the set-up as the same road to stroll along the Seine and used natural lighting with a glass ceiling to truly transform the runway into the street along the Seine. For a look inside this fashion show check out the video above.