Is there such thing as over the top when it comes to Chanel? Chanel has definitely had some crazy memorable runway shows, some may even say over the top! In crazy places and crazy designs, here are the most memorable runway shows.

Spring 2017
Not only was the show in a grocery store setting, but each piece was a different fabric and color! Chanel somehow managed to make it look chic.

Spring 2009
Chanel’s 2009 show was definitely one for the books. The Rue Cambon, in a doll house like setting, the show was super classy and vintage… reminding people of Chanel‘s earlier days with a scale model of the flagship atelier.

Fall 2010
A show that will always be remembered as a cool one, what’s the fall 2010 show where each model wore faux fur and a runway lined with icebergs. Good thing most of the models were wearing gorgeous coats and daunted Eskimo styles!

Haute Couture – Spring 2018
Another show that will always be remembered was the Haute Couture’s Spring 2018 show with a French garden party theme! In one of the most beautiful settings that a runway has ever been on, models wore chic ensembles and the runway even had a real water fountain in the middle runway.

Spring 2016
If you are a big Chanel fan, you probably remember the Spring 2016 show which took place in a Chanel-themed airport. The runway was like a real terminal, and its safe to say the models were jet-setting first class to an utterly luxurious destination!

Fall 2014
Finally, the Fall 2014 Chanel-themed supermarket runway show. In a real supermarket like setting, models walked down isles of food and produce.

Chanel always be a timeless, iconic brand… and it safe to say there runway shows are always a surprise! Check out the video above to see all the amazing runway themes of Chanel.