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In 1959, Mattel’s newest creation, Barbie, jumped into the toy scene and forever changed pop culture, the beauty industry, and even the sex industry. The illusion of Barbie, with her perfect blonde hair and light skin and blue eyes and “perfect” figure, took over the lives of people everywhere.

Barbie was successfully able to serve as inspiration for little girls and false expectations for women to aspire to and men to aspire to have. And one woman has taken her aspiration of becoming Barbie to an entirely different level.

Ukranian model Valeria Lukyanova is famous for her uncanny resemblance to Barbie, and she uses this to her professional advantage, launching an entire career based on her unique looks. And due to the almost plastic appearance, it’s easy to see why so many have assumed that Valeria only achieves her infamous looks through plastic surgery or facial reconstruction surgery, but Valeria has finally taken it upon herself to dispel those old rumors.

(Photo Source: guff.com)

Valeria recently shared a few makeup-free selfies to her Instagram account, putting to a stop the rumors that had occurred for so long. She revealed a makeup-free, naturally beautiful face that didn’t appear to have been unnaturally altered in any way.