Go to bed with model Chantel Jeffries to learn about her nighttime skin care routine. After tying her hair back away from her face, Chantel uses Clinique’s Take Off the Day cleansing wipes to get a majority of the makeup off before she starts cleansing her face.

Next, she uses Clinique’s Take Off the Day Cleansing Balm, which you put on your dry skin to dissolve the rest of the makeup. The Balm is especially good for helping to get the remaining eye makeup, false lashes and eyelash glue off.

Next, Chantel purifies her skin using the Pure Clay Charcoal Mask by L’Oreal. Using her finger, she spreads it over the parts of her face where she knows she gets blackheads, including the nose, cheekbones and chin areas. Chantel leaves it on for about 15 minutes, she rinses it off with warm water.

After using a mask, she exfoliates using a St. Ives face scrub, which scrubs away the impurities and dead skin. She rinses it off first with warm water, then with cold water to close her pores. Next, she moisturizes with Aerin Rose Night Table Cream, which smells really pretty.

She also put a special replenishing eye cream around the base of her eyes. Finally, for her lips, she uses Palmer’s Cocoa Butter lip balm, which is one of Chantel’s secrets to keeping her lips plump and moisturized.

Time for her beauty sleep!