(Photo Credit: Allison Kahler)

Paris Couture Fashion Week Turns Heads

It seems no matter the specifics of the event, anywhere you’re sure to find fashion, you’re also pretty sure to find some outrageous looks. And at a huge, global-scale fashion event like Paris Couture Fashion Week, you might see some styles you couldn’t dream up if you tried.

But that’s why we have designers.

Paris Couture Fashion Week recently kicked off, and while some of the looks we could imagine seeing in our day-to-day life, there are many others that were so bold, elaborate, and even extravagant that we could never imagine seeing them outside of the catwalk.

Couture Week is one for the boldest of fashion looks, and it’s an annual event that fashionistas everywhere look forward to. Designers specifically go for intricate and a bit wild, and this year they created those looks by combining a variety of over-the-top floral, ruffled looks, complete with more color than we originally imagined. One designer went so far as to dress their model up as a house before she took to the runway.