The runways for Spring 2014 were full of lovely and feminine hairstyles and the most notable one has been the crown braid or milkmaid braid. This braid wraps around the head creating an elegant crown that compliments can be done on anybody due to the fact that it compliments almost any face shape. Although it looks fairly complicated to achieve and more suited for medium to long hair, we have an easy tutorial for any girl that has shoulder length hair and would like to try this hairdo.


This is one of the simplest up-dos because the hair is shorter and the only things you will need are two small clear elastics. You will simply part your hair to the side and make to French braids on both your left and right side. Once both braids are finished, you will tuck the left braid under the right braid, and the right braid under the left. Super simple, right?

To see a step by step tutorial, check out the video!