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The Goop owner and creator has done it again

She’s made a comment on social media that a) went viral and b) is borderline ridiculous and very much not true, unbeknownst to Paltrow herself, apparently.

Let’s backtrack a minute.

Nominated for her role in the HBO hit “Euphoria”, Zendaya, 23, pretty much won the Critics’ Choice Awards red carpet, sporting a stiff, cyborg-y, fuchsia-chromed breastplate created by Tom Ford.

While the signature style from the designer’s SS20 runway show sparked interest immediately, it is now becoming a sort of vehicle of the “who wore it better?” variety.

While Zendaya is officially the first celeb to wear the piece at an appearance – in this case, molded and created especially for her, according to her stylist Law Roach, it is Paltrow 47, who was styled with the exact same statement garment for the February cover of “Harper’s Bazaar,” released only a few days before the CC Awards. The only difference: Paltrow wore the runway sample.

The process of creating the custom-fit breastplate for Zendaya took a bit more than taking it off the hanger (or, where ever such a piece may be stored?!).

A technician from Ford’s team actually took a 3D scan of the singer/actress’ entire body, in order to make a customized mold, which took several weeks. Following another fitting, Ford’s design team made sure to perform final touches to the $15,000 piece, which, Roach admits, he was drawn to as soon as spotting it on the Sprint/Summer 2020 runway: “For me, my whole reason for wanting to be in fashion is because of Grace Jones. I’m just so captivated by her. That’s what made me want to use the piece: anything I can do that is reminiscent of something Grace has done, I’m all for it.”

The reference here, of course, is to the iconic molded metallic breastplate designed by Issey Miyake, worn in the 1980s by the equally iconic Jones, now 71.

When making a comment on Instagram on the look in question, Paltrow noted: “Thank God I can say I have something in common with Zendaya.”

She was quickly reminded of the fact that both of them appeared in “Spider-Man” – a film that the Oscar-winning entrepreneur seems to be forgetting about quite a bit.

No harsh feelings regarding the twinning, it seems. Roach was quick to explain that “editorial and celebrity are two totally different things. As long as no one wore it on the red carpet, it’s a different world for us. It’s like apples and oranges.”

Phew! That’ll make us breathe easier – at least until we can get our own custom-molded piece of Ford’s wearable art.