Is it possible that mom-anger Kris Jenner is engaged? You never know if you can believe rumors, but with all the crazy rumors that go around the Kardashian family… a lot of them are true! This girl deserves all the happiness because she is such a successful business woman and amazing mother. Kris showed up on The Late Show with James Corden… with a giant ring on her finger!

She implied that she was engaged while playing a game of “Fill or Spill Your Guts”. During the casual game, James from the late show asked Kris if she and her boyfriend Corey Gamble were engaged because the pair have been dating for so long and seem so happy together. When she was asked, she decided to eat a cricket instead of answering the question… which could only mean one thing.

She even let her guard down when James Corden jokingly said that the ring has spoken for itself. She said, “this is not the ring,” but never said that there wasn’t a ring! Corey Gamble has been shown so many times on the Kardashian’s reality show, so it’s no surprise that they may actually be engaged even though there is a 25-year age difference.

And though we don’t learn much about him on the show, he is said to be a sweet, caring, man to Kris. They are reportedly the perfect fit for each other, and whether the news is true, we couldn’t be happier for the pair!