(Photo Source: Twitter @funnyfactory)

This funny man loves his fanny packs

Fanny packs may be the next big thing and quite possibly the latest trend in fashion. Maybe that’s why Flula Borg has 38 of them. The next big thing or not, 38 might still be just a bit excessive.

Flula Borg is a famous German actor, comedian, DJ, and recording artist. Flula has truly done it all in the entertainment industry in Germany. And lately, his YouTube channel has blown up with over 10 million viewers and over 700 thousand subscribers.

During a recent interview, Flula Borg has revealed that he has over 38 fanny packs of all different shapes, sizes, and colors. While he didn’t explain why one would ever need 38 fanny packs, it’s easy to see the practicality and usefulness of having extra storage strapped to your body. After all, one can never have too much storage.

So what does Flula Borg put in his fanny pack? Well, each one has the same “essentials” inside of it. Of course, you need to have chapstick and your cell phone. After that comes silly things like identification. And finally, Flula Borg likes to pack a really small bottle of water, just in case you are ever thirsty, but only a little thirsty.