Fashionable and reusable anti-baterial gloves

The Danish luxury brand founded in 1811, Rhanders, is one of the finest glove-makers in the world with a long-standing lineage and is offering chic style options for anti-bacterial gloves in response to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). Known for their fine-crafted accessories, Rhanders, worked with a fabric treatment company, Micro-Fresh, to create a fashionable anti-bacterial glove.

Micro-Fresh developed a finish for Rhanders leather products that would prevent the leather from developing mold over time and in the process would also kill pathogenic bacterial and prevent odor. Micro-Fresh has previously applied its technology in other products but this is the first time it will be used for gloves.

Micro-Fresh is accredited as being eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and won’t wash away on leather for a lifetime. This development will help efforts in preventing people from spreading COVID-19.

Rhanders is also offering other material options including cotton but the Micro-Fresh is supposed to last for at least 50 washes, with simple instructions for sterilizing in the wash. Rhanders offers gloves for men and women with a variety of styles to blend with any outfit.

Rhanders also announced that they will be donating anti-bacterial white gloves to children in need with the help of Save the Children of Denmark volunteers while providing a sterile delivering system.

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