Tired of your hair ties leaving creases in your hair and feeling a bit crafty? We’ve go the perfect DIY for you that your hair will love: creaseless hair ties. They’re cute, fun to make, and they’re a lot cheaper than buying them at your local drug store.

DIYelasticTo make your own creaseless hair ties, you’ll need the following:
1 yard of fold over elastic (you can find these in various colors and designs)
Now follow these simples steps:
Step 1: Take you elastic and put it around your wrist. There should be about an excess of an inch on both sides
Step 2: Once you’ve cut it, take the elastic and fold it in half. Then, tie a loose knot and pull it towards then end and tighten.
Step 3: This step is optional but if you’d like a headband, repeat these steps but measure the elastic around your head first.
To see a step-by-step tutorial, check out the video!