Knotty and mop-ish aren’t typically words that we’d used to describe a chic hairstyle trend; however the perfectly tousled bed head look is just that. While this hairstyle is rooted back in the days of hardcore grunge rockers, we’ve noticed quite a few celebrities rocking the bed head hairdo both on and off the red carpet recently.  We think ladies like Nicole Richie and Alexa Chung have done much to champion the chicness of this this hairstyle, proving that while not being perfect polished the oh-so chic bed head hairstyle  is an excellent option for both casual and formal affairs.

The appeal of the bed head look is the messy, undone and alluring vibe that it creates. This look is great for almost any occasion from a simple Sunday errands to an intimate Saturday night date. The best thing of all about this look is that it’s easy to achieve, maintain and you don’t have to be a hairstyle pro the master it. Whether you have thick curls, fine straight hair or a blend of the two, this hairstyle trend will still work on you no matter what your hair texture or face shape. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of tutorials on how to create this look, so do a little hairstyle research and find one the suits you and your hair type.


Try The Trend Tips
Ladies when you are short on time but want to be big on style, this hairdo is the way to go, below you’ll find a few tips to help you master this look.

When it comes to this hairstyle a little pre-planning goes a long way. Take a shower the night before, wash and condition your hair then secure in a fairly tight bun while you sleep. In the morning undo the bun to revel your wavy hair. Then simply spritz a little shine spray into your hair and separate the strands a little, creating that tousled effect.

We suggest adding in a deep side part when styling the perfect bed head look. This will cause your hair to frame your face even more, making fun make-up elements like aqua eyeliner or a pink pout more noticeable.