Have you ever wanted longer, luscious hair? Or maybe just wondered what it felt like to get hair extensions? Once you get hair extensions, you probably won’t be able to stop! Here is what it’s like to get hair extensions, done by an expert who does celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Ariana Grande.

It can be exciting to get new hair, especially if you are looking for a more long or more full head of hair. Before you get hair extensions, you’ll probably have your hair blown out first. Then accordingly sized pieces are attached to your root by sections, and can last as long or as little as you please.

Hair extensions can truly look like they’re your own hair and they can look as natural as ever. They can add fun and excitement you your hair. The key is to always keep the tips of your hair soft, so it’s good to get your ends trimmed. They feel lightweight, while looking full at the same time.

It’s amazing because you don’t have to worry about extra maintenance, but sticking with a healthy routine is always great. Hair extensions are great if you’re looking for an extra boost of confidence or just simply want a little fun added to your life!