It’s undeniable that Zooey Deschanel is pretty much everyone’s favorite quirky girl. She’s funny, witty, quirky, a dark-haired beauty, and oh, did we mention her perfect hair? Zooey has become a style icon for many girls with fun and eclectic tastes in fashion and beauty and we’ve got the scoop on her beauty secrets.

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Zooey always has amazing skin but you’d be surprised that she says she only uses 2 basic products for her skincare routine: cleansing oil and moisturizer. She has extremely sensitive skin so she only uses these products and SPF as well because her skin is very fair. Her makeup look as almost always the same as she can be seen wearing mascara, her infamous red lips, and eyeliner but surprisingly she says that she prefers mascara over red lips any day.

To see Zooey dish more about her bad haircut as a kid, theatre, and play a fun makeup game, check out the video!