Meet Anna Sui, an astonishing fashion designer that you’re going to want to know all about. Her collections take you on a creative excursion that is unparalleled in the world of fashion. Mixing vintage styles with her current cultural obsessions, she makes hip and original clothes. Whether her inspiration is in the Victorian era, with superstars, or textile prints, her cultural knowledge is always apparent.
The career of Anna Sui is a classic American success story and now she has brought to you another exclusive fall collection. This line is filled with stunning patterns, amazing prints and materials such as chiffon and fake fur.
What you can also expect to see is new warm patterns gearing towards the shift into the winter months. Lots of reddish brown, gray, black, and dark blue colors that fit the fall months perfectly.
Although they are prints that people expected form her, she certainly never let anyone down in that respect. You can tell from her styles that there was so much hard work put into the collection, so much love and care, that it was no surprise Sui’s fans were gushing back stage.
For more exclusive details and photos from the show be sure to check out the video above.