Alright, when it comes to Michael Kors we can’t help but to get excited whenever he launches a new line. And this time around as his Spring/Summer 2016 collection is being revealed the theme he went with is “earthy elegance,” integrating romantic, feminine details with relaxed tailoring.
Michael did stick with the American classic sportswear attire but embraced the new “earthy elegance,” look in a very skillful way. With a lot of crushed cottons and a relaxed feel the collection embraces the easiness of fashion. He also stuck with the usual nude colors but added reds and blues, which made the line, really stand out.
What was shown on the runway for this new collection is the lifestyle of Michael Kors and that’s why the brand remains so successful and why so many people are attracted to it. You don’t want to miss out on this line as it will be in stores in no time! For an even closer look at his new line be sure to check out the video above.