Everyone loves jewelry, especially when it comes to personalizing and uniqueness! If you want to seriously take your jewelry level to a more exclusive level, these two clever jewelry ideas could seriously up your game!

First, taking clear marbles any color of choice, put them in a baking pan and bake them for about 20 minutes at 350°F. Then you want to take a clear bowl and dump your baked marbles together. Then taking some ice cold water, submerge your marbles so that they can cool down. Then take some clear jewelry string, cut it to your desired length, and create a coil. You can then attach the marbles inside the coil creating a beautiful pair of earrings! Not only are they modern looking, but everyone will be asking where you got them from. You can even make necklaces and bracelets out of this DIY.

The next jewelry hack is oh so chic! Taking a plastic material of any kind, trace your name with a sharpie and then simply cut out your name. Then bake the plastic at 350° until it shrivels into a smaller size. Then you want to take some metallic spray paint and go over your name, attach it to a necklace and you’ve got a super personalized, dainty piece!

For more chic jewelry DIY ideas, check out the video above. Whatever DIY you decide to try, you can be sure that not only your jewelry will stand out, but so will your creativity!