(Photo Credit: Immo Klink)

Extinction Rebellion group protests harmful climate effects of fashion industry

Fashion isn’t without its dark side. Behind the glitz and glam of the fashion industry lies some major issues that are worth addressing. The Extinction Rebellion is one such group that is speaking out over the negative effects of fashion on the planet.

Holding signs stating “fashion is not to die for,” the Extinction Rebellion is a well-known activist group that fights against the global climate. In their recent protest, the group protested outside the Wood Green subway station in London against the fashion industry during the London Fashion Week.

The violence-free group held signs and marched, wearing recycled clothing, warning onlookers of the environmental destruction in the name of fashion. The fashion industry has been a long-time contributor to climate change and other harmful effects on the planet.

The fashion industry in one of the largest contributors to carbon emissions and the waste that comes from clothing production is also one of the big outcries of environmental groups. The fashion industry has made great strides to reduce emissions and be more eco-friendly and sustainable, but there is still more work to be done.