Sometimes there are things in the past that should be left there. In this case, these fashion trends should have never made a comeback. The weirdest trends to ever happen in fashion history are shockingly real!

Nowadays everyone loves a good tan. But back in the day, paleness showed your level of wealth, hence the term ‘blue-blood.’ Many women would use white make up which was lead based on their skin! Lead is poisonous, which eats away from the skin, and would cause many women teeth decay and nausea.

And if you think that is bad, radioactive makeup was all the rage in the late 1800s. After it was discovered, it gave many women cancer. Another way of telling how wealthy you were was by the condition of your teeth. Rotton teeth were also a sign of wealth. Pricey sugar was common especially among royals, which would cause your teeth to rot. Dental decay was a trend… which is definitely scary.

Another trend especially common among the Chinese were lotus feet, and they did not look like the pretty flower you’re thinking of. Sometime during the 10th century, woman with very small feet, as little as 3 inches… were considered high value. They would break and snap all the bones in their feet, leading to pain, deadly infection, and not being able to walk. Talk about beauty is pain!

Another trend back in the day was the wider the pupil, the more attractive a woman was. People would use eye drops that were made out of herbs, in the side effects included distorted vision because it had hallucinogens, while causing a higher heart rate! It was essentially a drug for people’s eyes.

Another fashion trend that has been so controversial even today with new princess movies left and right, is the waist shrinking corsets. The corsets were so tight that they crushed internal organs, ribs, and fainting because of the shortness of breath. It was very dangerous and damaging.

Last but not least, dangerous hair removal. Nowadays we have safe laser hair removal, but woman would remove hair on their bodies that was unwanted by exposing themselves to radiation. Every woman who did it got cancer, just because they didn’t want to ever have to shave again. Though killer looks are great, not looks that kill.