Fashion Nova brand as beat big brands in the industry to clench the first place as the most-searched fashion brand throughout the year 2018 in the annual report revealed by Google. While Louis Vuitton clinched the second place and Versace came in third. For a brand founded in 2013, this is a huge milestone for Fashion Nova. The brand was launched a collection in November by Cardi B who later on admitted to being nervous about her very first clothing line.

One thing that has helped Fashion Nova brand rise to the top is the fact their clothes are affordable and fit different body types. Also, promotion from social media’s hottest influencers as secured Fashion Nova a spot as a top fashion brand. There are some celebrities who also contributed to the success and fame of Fashion Nova brand. The brand has been worn by the likes of celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Black Chyna, Kylie Jenner, Adrienne Bailon, Cardi B, Tamar Braxton, Amber Rose and many other celebrities and they post pictures of it on Instagram and this in turn as sky-rocketed Fashion Nova to the top.

In fourth place of Google’s 10 most-searched fashion brands of the year 2018 is Givenchy and this has been speculated to be due to Meghan Markle’s influence. As the Duchess of Sussex wedding dress was designed by the Creative Director of Givenchy.

Gucci clinched the fifth place while Alexander McQueen follows immediately. In eighth place is Dolce & Gabbana. Dior comes in at ninth place while Moschino closes the list at the tenth place.

Cardi B is unarguably a big factor in the exposure of Fashion Nova brand as she has used her fame to increase the exposure of Fashion Nova brand and there is certainly no stopping for her or the brand. This resilient spirit is evident as the brand as revealed a new clothing line which is the Fashion Nova men’s clothing line which is clearly incorporating the men into her brand.

With this milestone Fashion Nova as achieved this year we definitely have our fingers crossed as we can only expect the brand to become even more popular in 2019.