Bringing Sustainability To Fashion

Fashion is a big deal almost everywhere and to many people. With weeks dedicated to it, malls, small shops, and online boutiques selling it, and the ever-present modeling and runway industry, it’s safe to say it’s going to be here awhile. But that doesn’t mean the industry isn’t changing and getting noticed, with its negative sides more visible than ever.

In a day and age where people appear to be working on change for good more actively than ever, we are faced with huge problems in the industry that affect us all. Some of the major issues that we are facing are:

1) Forced and trafficked labor
2) Negative impacts on race, culture, and appropriation
3) Slow-to-grow technology
4) Sustainability
5) Skilled labor exploitation
6) Horrible effects on the environment.

But one fashion week is looking to change all of that.

Fashion Revolution Week was celebrated April 22-28, 2019, and it focused on creating a movement that shows fashion can, in fact, impact positive change. They’ve taken this year to focus on the hashtag #whomademyclothes, advocating for hidden textile workers.

Additionally, they are teaching shoppers how to slow down the problem, encouraging shopping secondhand, trading clothes with friends, and more. For more information on Fashion Revolution Week and what it hopes to achieve, take a look at the video above.