Finding a brush for your hair can be extremely difficult. Not everyone has the same hair so it’s crucial to find a brush to fit your everyday needs. When you head to the store you’re going to see a whole section full of brushes and it can be a bit overwhelming picking out the best one for your hair. A brush is just a brush…right? WRONG! Finding the right brush is important because the wrong brush can lead to short and damaged hair. With that being said, we have a few tips and tricks from Eva Scrivo about choosing the right round brush:
Round Brushes
Round brushes come in a variety of sizes small, medium, large, and even extra large.

A small brush is great for short hair, bangs, or for curly hair when you need to get more tension on the hair.

A medium sized brush works great with medium length hair to the shoulders. The smaller barrel of the brush is similar to a roller.

A larger round brush can be used for the entirety of the hair especially for longer lengths and for the bottom on a women’s haircut.

Most of the brushes bristles break down over time. When the brush dips in the center it’s time to toss it and buy a new one!