Winter is right around the corner but depending on where you live, you’ve busted out the biggest, warmest coat you have. Tis’ the season for keeping warm and if you want to be nice and toasty, faux fur coats are where it’s it. They’re bigger than their wool or bomber counterparts and make a great statement piece for whatever look you’re wearing so you should be rocking one if you’re not already.

But just like any piece in your closet, faux fur has its dos and don’ts that you need to know before you wear. Make sure you keep these faux fur styling tips in mind so that you don’t find yourself making a fashion faux pas.

Don’t go overboard. Sure, it’s cold outside and you want every area of your body to be warm but don’t go outside looking like you’re wearing a big fur onesie. Stick to one piece and on piece only whether it’s a coat, vest, or an accent of fur somewhere in the outfit.

Stick to neutral colors. White, beige, camel, etc. are the best colors to wear as it is winter and the color palette tends to be more neutral and dark. If you do decide to go for a lively color, balance it out by wearing darker colors underneath.

Spend time looking for a piece that looks like the real deal. It can be a difficult finding a coat or other faux fur piece that looks real but you want it to look as realistic as it can because that’s the whole point. Look for faux fur that has more than on color in the same color range as that’s how the real thing looks like. Movement is also important because a lot of the times faux fur tends to be stiff and it will look too obviously fake.

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