The future First Lady is leading the country in style

Jill Biden is celebrating the win of the 2020 presidential election with her husband and president-elect Joe Biden but is also the next First Lady fashion icon. There is a long line of First Ladies that became fashion icons and Jill Biden will be following her fashionable predecessors.

The First Lady is more than just a fashion figure of the White House but embodies a fellow American that dresses in the finest fashion for one of the biggest jobs in the country. Jill is already known for her love of florals on the campaign trail and will become an even bigger fashion icon as she settles into her new role as First Lady.

For her first public appearance as the future First Lady, Jill wore an embroidered floral Oscar de la Renta dress with a matching mask embroidered “46” to represent the 46th president. Jill’s signature style is found in feminine silhouettes and patterns featuring rich jewel tones.

Jill isn’t the only First Lady to prefer the styles of Oscar de la Renta with former First Ladies including Jackie Kennedy, Nancy Reagan, and Laura Bush. Oscar de la Renta represents the American dream of being born in the Dominican Republic, migrating to Spain, and eventually making his way to the U.S. to build his namesake brand.

At the first presidential debate, Jill made an appearance in a green Gabriela Hearst dress with long sleeves that she has worn at two events prior, talk about modest. This dress was created by an American designer that has committed to reducing waste which supports one of the biggest platforms of the Biden campaign.

It might be in fashion to not wear the same outfit twice but this sense of style shows a sense of modesty and reliability that was also seen in the former First Lady, Rosalyn Carter. Jill will also be making American history as being a working First Lady outside of her White House duties and will continue working as an English professor at Northern Virginia community college.

Jill has the roles of being a wife, mother, grandmother, and professor while transitioning into her new role as the fashionable First Lady.