(Photo Source: prestigeonline.com)

Even their ready-to-wear collection is the epidemy of luxury

Virginie Viard’s latest runway show for Paris Fashion Week would make the late creative director of Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, proud with stunning styles on the unique runway that Chanel is known for. Viard drew inspiration from Lagerfeld with the featured seven-league boots in black leather with a contrasting brown leather on the top of the boot.

The seven-league boots come from European folklore with the story that the person wearing the boots will gain the magical power to stride the seven leagues in a single step. Though the collection features more casual styles, it stayed true to the luxury legacy that Lagerfeld built.

Viard also drew inspiration from Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel’s horseriding apparel as she owned a racehorse named Romantica. The styles resemble an upgraded version of athleisure wear with a staple pant style that resembles athletic tear-away pants with snaps down the side seam.

Staying true to Chanel’s namesake most of the collection featured black and white with subtle pops of color here and there. One of Lagerfeld’s favorite models, Gigi Hadid, walked in the runway show for the final look with a crop top, shorts, and long overcoat crafted out of black tweed.


This Fall collection brings the casual styles of Summer into the Fall with stylish short and jacket combos for a casual look with formal designs. All the models donned a half-up half-down hairdo for a beauty look inspired by the quintessential European woman.