This is your friendly reminder that Valentine’s Day is tomorrow (if you didn’t already know), which means there is still plenty of time to run out and get the guy in your life something that he will love, and may up his style game. Instead of going for the lovey-dovey traditional V-Day splurge, get him something that will benefit both him and you…after all, you’re the one who will be looking at him in the days to come. Here are 8 great Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the men in your life. The best part about these gifts is they are great whether that man is a love interest or not!

1. Beard kit: Who doesn’t love a nice, clean-shave on a man? Grab him a simple beard kit, or even a gift certificate to a beard trimming shop!
2. Designer bag: Men love a nice laptop bag or briefcase as much as women love a nice purse! Get him a nice designer bag, if you can afford it, so he looks stylish and feels confident heading to work.
3. Bar tool set: That way he can mix you a tasty cocktail to celebrate!
4. Bomber jacket: These jackets are all the rage for men and women. Get the guy in your life a trendy jacket to really up his fashion game.
5. Smartwatch: Whether it’s to be more active or just to have the latest tech craze, a smartwatch is a gift anyone could love.
6. Cologne: This is a staple, and can be a little bland, but maybe you find a new smell that you can’t wait him to wear!
7. Wallet: Just like the trendy designer bag, give him a little confidence with a nice wallet.
8. Wireless charging station: These are life-savers, and are another great gift option for the tech guy in your life.