(Photo Credit: Still life by Ian Skelton)

Easy Ways To Keep Your Makeup Brushed Clean

For beauty lovers everywhere, makeup brushes are a regular part of the deal. They come in a variety of sizes, qualities, purposes, and brands. Some brands have a cult following, and some are quick items we pick up from Ulta when we’re in a rush, but either way, one thing is for certain when it comes to makeup – it is always important to regularly clean our makeup brushes.

There are a variety of ways to clean your brushes depending on what materials they’re made of. Natural bristle brushes, for example, should be cleaned by dipping the bristles into dishwashing detergent and then swirling into a bowl of warm water until the soap residue is gone, followed by gently stroking the bristles across a paper towel to remove residual makeup.

After that, you repeat until clean. After you’re done with this process, which you would repeat for all brushes, you squeeze out residual water, reshape the brush to a point, and lay it flat to dry overnight. Synthetic brushes can be cleaned by wiping with a makeup-removing towelette or rinse-free spray cleanser, reshaping to a point, and laying flat overnight.

For more information on how and why it’s important to regularly clean your makeup brushes, please take a look at the video above.