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Let’s focus on feel-good clothes

When we hear the word “frumpy,” it causes discomfort, like it’s an insult of some kind. And, you are right, once upon a time it represents one thing, now it’s time to embrace at least one frumpy dress because they are comfortable and necessary. So much so, that even royals wear them.

Over recent years, consumers started showing designers and brands what they want, instead of the other way around. Frumpy dresses are now cool, chic, and very on-trend.

They are modest, the silhouette is voluminous, and you can dress them up, depending on your mood or occasion. Our love for frumpy dresses comes with the territory: women tend to bloat once a month, and the last this we want to do is wear Spanx just to look sexy while feeling miserable.

Baggy fit, a longer hemline, and high neckline are what make these dresses so appealing. They remind us of tents, which can be great because you don’t have to show off your curves all the time. It allows women to hide their size and shape while enjoying the freedom of a perfectly comfortable clothing item.

You can add a belt to it to make it more feminine, and throw a little cardigan on. With a pair of chunky heels, you get a vintage-inspired date night outfit. But when you’re doing chores, shopping, hanging out with your friends, you can wear it as it is and feel perfectly pretty.

The rise of the frumpy dress doesn’t mean that we don’t believe in dressing up and wearing bodycon dresses. It’s a matter of choice, just like wearing a bra on your day off or having your makeup done every single day. Besides, a frumpy dress can look classy and charming, while a bodycon can look cheap. It’s a matter of taste, style, and accessories.

“Frumpy” used to mean dull, outdated, and tacky. Now, the fashion world sees the frumpy dress as a sign of liberation, humble, yet chic, simple, and practical. Still need designer approval? Check out  Alexander McQueen and Erdem frumpy dresses, they are rich in colors and patterns, and they already walked the red carpets!