We all have to understand that not every trend is for everybody, and that’s okay. There is great importance in understanding your particular shape and you will be more comfortable and confident to accept your silhouette, rather than working against it.

Stand in the mirror, look at your waistline, know the part of your body you usually add weight. Take your tape, measure your shoulder, bust, waist and hips and this covers the question “What body shape am I?” So instead of you comparing your body to pictures of celebrities, learn your body shape and this will go a long way in making you know the kind of dress that will be suitable for you.

To measure your bust: without changing the shape of your breast, wrap the measuring tape around your back while standing and across the fullest part of your bust, usually the middle area of your burst. Write this measurement down.

To measure your shoulders: Place the measuring tape at the tip of one shoulder and wrap it all the way around you loosely like a shawl that is going to slip off until it meets back at the same shoulder. Write the measurement down.

Also, measure your waist and hips.

Body Shapes
Inverted Triangle – Your shoulder or bust measurement should be more than 5 per cent bigger than your hip measurement.

Rectangle Shape – Your shoulder, bust and hip measurement should be 5 per cent of each other, around the same size.

Triangle Shape – Your hip measurement should be more than 5 percent bigger than your shoulder or bust measurements i.e. your hips are wider than your shoulders.

Hourglass Shape – This person has a tiny waistline and the shoulder and hips are around the Same size.