Whether you’re just starting high school or college, you want to look your best for the day and are probably still looking for hairstyles to wear. After all, you can only wear that side braid for so long until you feel the need to change it up a bit.

If you’re out of back to school hairstyle ideas and are on the hunt for something new and quite simple, this topsy turvy hairstyle is definitely for you.

Styling tools you will need:

A backcombing brush
A few clear elastics

Now for the steps:

Step 1. Create a bit volume at the very front of the head with your backcombing brush. Just back comb slightly and add some hairspray if you feel you need some extra help.

Step 2. Create a section at the top of the head. Use your eyebrows as a reference. Start from eyebrow and make a perfect line around the head with to the eyebrow. Secure with a clear elastic but not too tight.

Step 3. Make another section like the one you created earlier but this time, use the top of the ear as a reference. Again, secure with an elastic but keep it a bit loose. Secure the remaining hair with a clear elastic as well.

Step 4. Take the first ponytail you made and make a hole in the middle. Flip the hair over and into itself and pull out the tail out.

Step 5. Take the second ponytail, make a hole in the middle, and pull the first ponytail through it. Repeat what you did with the first ponytail and flip the second ponytail over and into itself.

Step 6. Lastly, take the last 2 ponytails and make a hole through the last ponytail and pull the hair through it. Again, flip the hair in the hole. If you wish to hide the last elastic, wrap a piece of hair around it and secure it with a bobby pin.
(Cover image: POP Sugar)