While the rest of the world may be over talking about the royal wedding, Stella McCartney is not letting the spotlight on Meghan Markle’s reception dress fade out just yet. The famed fashion designer just announced that she will be selling 46 replicas of the dress, available only at the 23 Old Bond Street location in London, England.

In accordance with the address of the store, 23 of the 46 replicated dresses will be made in the white style that Markle sported in elegance, while the other 23 will be represented in an onyx black style. Both dresses are said to be a part of McCartney’s “Made with Love” capsule collection, but there will be an elite and exclusive process to obtain one.

In order to get your hands on this gorgeous dress, you must be personally invited by Stella McCartney herself. You can do this by e-mailing the store, but if you are one of the elite few selected, you better be willing to drop a lot of dollars. This dress is expected to retail for $4,649.

But fear not, fellow nobodies in the fashion industry. There’s a chance McCartney will put the dress into her 2019 wedding dress collection, allowing for more people to sport the dress that the whole world has been talking about.