Side bangs are a fan favorite hairstyle among both celebrities and everyday fashionistas. Whether they fall just above the brow line or extend far enough to brush your cheeks this look is fun, flirty and very chic. Celebrities like Nicole Richie, Kim Kardashian, Lauren Conrad and Jennifer Garner have all recently donned this hairstyle and made it look really spectacular.  What makes side, aka sideswept, bangs different from conventional bangs is that they are angled down toward one side of the face. This creates a voluminous layered effect that can transform any hairstyle, whether you’re a fan of a blunt bob or beachy waves, the addition of side bangs to your look can take it to another level.

Bangs in general are a bold hairstyle move that requires research and planning, it’s seldom that a girl can pull off an at home bangs cut and get it right, unless she’s had a lot of practice. So we think it’s best to leave this job to the professionals if this it your first time dealing with bangs.  When considering cutting you bangs think about your face shape, do research on what hairstyles you like and bring plenty of photos with you to the salon so that your stylist can get a good idea of the kind of side bangs you want.  Also keep in mind that this hairstyle does required a little maintenance  you may need to start flat ironing your bangs daily to get them to lay properly, and you may have to start visiting the stylist more often for regular trims if you decided to keep the look for a long period of time.

Try The Trend Tips

We love the side bangs trend and we think that most women can pull of this look with the help of the right stylist and a few key tips.

If you have a rounded face try a deep side bang the hits right below your brow line, this style will play well with the curves of your face without making your face look pudgy, which can at time happen when a rounded face is paired with bangs.

If you have a more angular facial shape then try layered bangs that frame your face to help soften your features.