Lupita is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful women inside and out in Hollywood today. This Oscar-winning actress is not only known for being very confident in her own skin and who she is, but also is known by many for having radiant skin. Lupita can always be seen with her signature glowing skin no matter where she goes and we’ve got the scoop on how she does it.


Lupita is a big fan of natural skincare and face oils are her favorite. She uses avocado oil as well as Hawaiian kukui nut oil as a moisturizer for that radiance that we all crave. Most women tend to think that oils will make you even oilier but that has been proven to not be the case. She likes her skin to be au natural so makeup is not a necessity for her as she’s worked hard to feel beautiful in her own skin.

We’ve learned from Lupita that the best thing you can do for that glow is to properly moisturize, especially with face oils, and be proud of your skin so that your confidence shows through.